Westgate Homes has been serving Island, Skagit and Whatcom counties for more than 40 years.
Here are just some of the services Westgate offers.

Fully licensed general contractor services include:

Complete home setup / teardown
Home transportation / spotting
Foundations and foundation systems
Complete site development
Septic systems
In-house permitting department

Complete parts department including:

Tie-down components
Setup components
Skirting supplies
Home repair parts / supplies
Foundation stands / pads

Service and repair:
Full service repair department including:

Drywall repairs
Home re-leveling
Under home Plumbing repairs
Under house wrap repairs
Insurance repairs
Foundation inspections
Tie-down installation/addition
Roof coating
Door replacement
Home evaluations

Other Certifications / Services:

WAINS certified
VA Certified
HUD approved
FHA approved
Licensed and bonded
Knowledgeable staff